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Moji was very helpful and professional. He explained and answered my questions in a very clearly with insights help make my decisions easier.  I didn't feel rushed; he was very patient with me.Most importantly, he wants to help you with this very difficult process. After comparing the cost, he help me decide to stay with my wife's insurance. I deeply appreciated his unselfish choice to not take Medicare and loose any commission he may have made. I feel Moji is very honest and interested in what is best for you.Amazing!

Mojtaba Fakourfar is wonderful and expert in insurance , anytime I called his office regarding medical insurance Questions i received my answer right away

Moji is knowledgeable man who helped me to choose right insurance and right plan. He recommended right medication plan which is extremely hard to choose among all plans, but he made it easy. I highly recommend him as best person for your health insurance. Recently I recommend him client who already had insurance and plan. Moji were so honest after reviewing his insurance plans , suggest client stay in his current plan with other agent due to that is best one for him. Thanks Mr. Moji for your help

Graet people to work with , they know their business, excellent service

We have known moji Insurance for over a decade; and time after time we came to him or have received calls from his office regarding the potential befits which we can come to gain on new options we had no idea about regarding our insurance. Moji insurance is always on top of everything and they have always taken care of my family. The difference between this office and others's are, that with Moji Insurance caring comes first and business comes second. Unlike other places that business comes first, and they don't care as long as they can make a quick buck off you. Moji Insurace is, and will always be there for you. Moji insurance definitely deserves more than  5 star rating.

I will make this review very short.  Very knowledgeable and delivers what he promises.  Always available to answer questions.

I am with Moji insurance for few years, that's because he is super honest, knowledgeable, and very caring. I have referred clients to him in the past, and I will in the future. I DO recommend Moji insurance to you. You won't regret it.

I was desperately trying to obtain information on medicare penalties if an individual does not sign up for medicare once eligible since they have employer sponsored health insurance.  I received the run around from almost all brokers I phoned who just tried to sell me services not needed and who would not take the time to discuss medicare vs. current employer healthcare coverage.  I was very confused and frustrated until I reached Moji Insurance.  Moji insurance was such a breath of fresh air! Very patient, very helpful and informative - even knowing they were not going to make a commission off of me at this time.  Thank you so much Moji Insurance and I'll be sure to contact you when the time comes to sign up for medicare. I truly appreciated your time, assistance and sharing your knowledge.Highly recommend!

Moji deserves sky with full of STARS everyone. His knowledge in the field is extensive. Honest and transparent.  It has been a pleasure knowing him for last eight years.

Mr. Mojtaba Fakourfar is incredible at navigating the medicare chaos! He is honest, super knowledgeable and truly loves what he does. He helped me many times and directed me on the phone with no expectation! You won't find a better health insurance agent than Mr. Fakourfar. Everyone 65 years and older needs to call him! He is the best.

I would give him 10 stars. He and the staff are very efficient, kind and always returns calls. He has helped me over the years with Insurance questions and now Social Security. I believe he wants the best for his clients and the customer service is first rate. I hope he never retires. I would recommend his office to everyone. I am very pleased with his service and knowledge about the business I would never hesitate to call him with any insurance question I have and he always makes sure that I understand what I am doing. He is the best!!!!.

I was searching for affordable health coverage.  I sent a few messages to few of the insurance company to see if I can get some answers via yelp first.  Majority of them asked me to visit their offices for further discussion.  But Moji answered all my questions via yelp messages and gave me lots of good advises.  Thank you very much for everything!  I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended this place for your health coverage agency.

I was searching for health insurance for myself, wife and one year old for three months and feel SO lucky to find Moji Insurance. They were not only extremely helpful with answering all of the questions we had but made everything so personal like we've known them for years. Thank you guys so much for helping us understand all of the options and giving us the best recommendation for our family. All of this through a few phone calls is unbelievable - I recommend Moji to everyone!

Moji has always helped and is very customer oriented.  He is willing to go the extra mile.  If you have a problem he works at solving it, not just passing you off.  I highly recommend Moji.

Moji is highly knowledgeable and very friendly and helpful.  He checks what we need, and then recommends a few options.  He even checks what medications we use to ensure they would be covered at a low cost.  Moji helped our family and my parents with our health insurance needs for the past several years.  We highly recommend him.

Moji is excellent!  He is 100% customer oriented. I have had fluctuating health insurance needs and he has been with me every step of the way.  I would recommend him to anyone. He is helpful and knowledgeable.  I have never had to wait longer than a few hours for a response from him. I am so glad I found him to help me navigate through the bs to find the right plan for me.

Moji and his office staff are the best. Always surveys the entire market looking for the best rates year after year after year.  He's great at developing long-range plans that have worked really, really well for us over the years.  I like the fact that he's not tied to a single insurance company but can provide an industry overview for my measly needs.  Highly recommended.

Moji and his team are wonderful health insurance advisors and truly good people. They thoroughly research options and carefully select plans that are best suited for our office. They walk us through every change and renewal. Additionally, they are there for us whenever we have a question. We reach out often and they always respond with answers within a short period of time. I adore Moji and everyone that works with him. He and his team truly are a gift. :)

Moji is the most knowledgeable and caring insurance advisor. He was there for my family in a very difficult time and helped my family in a way that others thought was impossible. The man has a heart of gold and I'm grateful to know there's someone like him to help people navigate  the best solutions in this complicated  industry.

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